Luna Bronze Illume Tanning Mist 100ml
Luna Bronze Eclipse Tanning Mousse 150ml
Luna Bronze Tanning Mitt
Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer 250ML/ 8.5  OZ - Eccotique
Bumble Hairdresser's Oil 3.4  OZ - Eccotique
Kerastase Elixir Ultime 100ml


5 ways to use Aveda Composition Oils

5 ways to use Aveda Composition Oils

Kick back and relax with the Aveda Composition Oils. I don't know about you but all of us here at Eccotique have been obsessed with them. From skin to hair to using it in your diffuser - there are so many amazing ways to uplift and refresh your body. We're here to tell you 5 different ways to enjoy your Aveda Composition Oils...

O  I  L  S 

1. B O D Y 
The oils are great on any part of the body - hands and feet, face and anywhere you may need to hydrate. Treat your dry skin and moisturize with one of the oils. The Shampure is a classic! We definitely recommend trying this one out...

2. M I X W I T H L O T I O N 
If you need the extra hydration this cocktail perfection is perfect for you! Add a few drops of composition oil onto your skin after applying your favorite lotion. We recommend the Aveda Beautifying Body Moisturizer. This will ensure that your skin stays hydrated from AM to PM. Hello hydration! 

3. B A T H
Need a stress relief after a long week of 9-5? Choose your desired oil and put some into your bath for an uplifting and relaxing self care night. By using oils and soaking them in your bath this will help relieve dryness and seal in moisture. 

4. W E A R A S A P E R F U M E 
The composition oils all act great as a perfume. Try out their signature aroma - Shampure and apply it to your wrists and/or neck area for a calming scent. A second must try is the rosemary mint, its a wonderful invigorating aroma of rosemary and peppermint. 

5. S C A L P 
Is your scalp lacking hydration? Does it need conditioning? Give it some love by utilizing the composition oils as a scalp treatment.
Section the hair into four, apply a few drops in each section, massage and then rinse out!






Come into any Eccotique location to experience these composition oils for yourself! Receive a complimentary neck & shoulder massage to release tension with your choice of composition oil.

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